An informed citizenry. Respect for varying opinions. That's our goal for One Martin.

Article Posted on April 7, 2017

Dear Martin County Neighbors,

Truth. Facts. An informed citizenry. Respect for varying opinions. Civil discussions. Acknowledgement of the complexity of issues. Ethical, efficient and transparent government. Commitment to a thriving, sustainable community for all.

That’s One Martin.
We launched this organization because we believe in presenting all of the facts, not selective ones. Time and time again we have witnessed a decision-making process in which passionate voices carried the day---and carried it to the wrong place, because facts were deliberately skewed or ignored. We have seen coastal communities and inland communities, businesses and retirees, farmers and environmentalists  pitted against each other as though we are separate communities instead of an integrated whole.

We’ve felt sidelined in important conversations, even though we had vital information to contribute...

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