Florida Voices launches to spotlight issues that matter to you this election year

Article Posted on May 6, 2018

By; Eve Samples, Treasure Coast Newspapers

The last time Floridians elected a new governor, our state was clawing its way out of the Great Recession.

Florida's foreclosure rate was the third-highest in the nation. Unemployment was 11 percent.


Not surprisingly, two former business executives — Rick Scott and Alex Sink — emerged as front-runners in the race for governor, pitching themselves as savvy leaders who could deliver economic stability to the Sunshine State.

The top issues during Florida's 2010 election were clear: jobs and the economy. This year, as Floridians consider the best candidate to replace Scott and whether to keep U.S. Sen Bill Nelson, the issues are more complicated.

That's why we're asking you to help us define them…

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