Dakin Dairy’s family owned, farm-to-table success story

Article Posted on March 12, 2017

By: Lee Williams , Herald Tribune

MYAKKA CITY — The ocean of milk produced at Dakin Dairy — more than 4.6 million gallons annually from 2,400 cows, milked three times per day — makes its way into 700,000 homes throughout Florida.

Dakin Dairy has become an institution.

The dairy's cows are almost coddled.

Twice a day they're fed fresh-cut grass grown on the property, mixed with grain, hay and minerals.

The special diet is closely monitored by an on-site nutritionist.

Misters spray the cattle with cool water on hot days.

The result is a sweeter tasting, whiter milk.

Even with its improved taste, when prices tanked last year, Dakin suffered….

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