With ‘ghost towns’ comment, Rubio puts Everglades reservoir plan on life support

Article Posted on March 23, 2017

By: Marc Caputo & Bruce Ritchie, Politico

TALLAHASSEE — U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio put Florida Senate President Joe Negron’s Everglades reservoir proposal on life support by saying that the plan wouldn’t get federal money any time soon and would wipe out farming communities by turning them into “ghost towns.”

Rubio’s comments to the conservative Shark Tank blog — promptly bashed by an Everglades group as a payback to his Big Sugar donors — were greeted with a measure of “relief,” a Republican state senator said, by members who “don’t want to walk the plank” by voting on the $2.4 billion proposal that’s opposed by farmers, some African-American lawmakers, many Republican legislators, and even an environmental group concerned that the plan takes too much money away from other projects…

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