Sharing Everglades Personal Experiences and a Little Florida History

Article Posted on April 10, 2017

By: Chappy Young, Sunshine State News

"The addem-ups gotta equal the takem-aways."

My Dad is credited with the above sage advice. He was a wise man who grew up on a working farm in Kentucky. 

When I asked Dad what he meant by his passing comment, he replied,  "Chappy, no matter if you are working on your checkbook, closing a surveying bench run, managing personal relationships or even wrestling with the effects of human interaction and nature, the fact is, there must be balance."

I grew up in Belle Glade and in 1964 I began working on a survey crew as a laborer while surveying 40,000 acres of sawgrass in the Everglades of Florida -- to turn it into a ranch for a famous ranch out of Texas…

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