TCPalm: After three straight years of discharges, what's the game plan if it happens again?

Article Posted on February 12, 2019

By: Gil Smart, Treasure Coast Newspapers


So my brother and his wife are coming down from Pennsylvania in late May for my oldest son’s high school graduation.

(And if any of you Jensen Beach parents find yourself with a few extra graduation tickets, please keep your humble correspondent in mind.)

My brother's never been here before; I've got a full Treasure Coast itinerary lined up, all part of my evil plan to convince him to move down here. They're booked in a quaint little cottage right on the lagoon. It should be awesome.



And here you know exactly what I’m going to say.

Unless we’re getting discharges. Unless blue-green algae is fouling up the place.

If green guacamole or dead fish are lapping the shore near that quaint cottage, my brother's first trip to our region could be his last. And of course that's the least of our problems; we've had discharges three years in a row, algae two out of the last three years. Aquatic life has been hammered, local businesses crushed. And we won't know the full impact on human health for years…

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