WPTV: Appreciation parade held for first responders in Martin County

Article Posted on April 12, 2020

By Jason Davis

The sounds of sirens could be heard throughout the Summerfield community Sunday in Stuart, but there was no emergency.

Ambulances and fire trucks from Martin County Fire Rescue, along with deputies from the Martin County Sheriff's Office, lit up the streets with their flashing lights.

It was all part of the neighborhood's idea to put an appreciation parade for first responders, thanking them for fighting on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic with homemade signs and flags.

"Besides putting their life on the line, they are putting their life, their family and everything else on the line and I can’t tell you how heartfelt it feels to seem them doing what they are doing," resident Doreen Rizzo said.

Some residents plan on delivering food Tuesday to Cleveland Clinic Martin Health South.

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