TCPalm: A salad garden: Plant fast-maturing seeds which can be harvested while young

Article Posted on March 25, 2020

By Carol Cloud Bailey

Looking for something to distract yourself and family while staying home? Planting a few seeds can be productive and entertaining. It keeps us home, mostly, yet, offers the benefits of fresh air, sunshine and the chance to involve someone else in gardening.

Though we are coming to the end of Florida’s main growing season, there is still time to plant fast-maturing seeds and those which can be harvested while still young and tender. How about a salad garden?

Planting can be done in a traditional veggie garden bed or just about any container as long as there is drainage. How about an old wheelbarrow with a hole at the bottom? A laundry basket? A stump with a hole in the middle? Quick and easy is a bag of potting soil with holes punched in the bottom. Even a row of veggies in front of a traditional hedge works and adds whimsy to the landscape.

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