Guest column: Long-time locals like me are tired of 'no growth' tactics

Article Posted on June 28, 2017

By: Rick Hartman, Special to Treasure Coast Newspapers

As a fourth-generation Martin County resident, I have a lot of history and a lot of love for this community. And as someone who’s spent his life earning a living in the agricultural industry, I was offended when I read Maggy Hurchalla’s June 9 column about “Martin County heading in a more permissive direction.”

Long-time locals like me are tired of these false accusations. We’re fed up with claims that our current County Commission majority — and people like me who voted them into office — are putting jobs before the environment. This dishonest statement is one of many myths and scare tactics used for decades by Hurchalla and others who operate behind closed doors as part of Martin County’s “shadow government” to perpetuate their radical no-growth agenda…

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