Florida cattle ranchers are stewards of the environment

Article Posted on September 16, 2017

By: Janet Begley, TCPalm

Florida cattle ranchers have made commitments to sustainability, and partner with state, local and national environmental agencies to monitor land, water and wildlife and make improvements to the environment.

“People worry there are too many cows and they’re not good for the environment,” Treasure Coast rancher Sean Sexton said. “But they forget that 100 years ago, there were one million cows and about one million people. Now there are still one million cows but there are 20 million people. So you have to ask what is worse for the environment.”

Not all of the land used for cattle grazing is owned by ranchers. For example, the South Florida Water Management District has an extensive land lease program with cattle ranchers where thousands of acres of land are leased to ranchers for grazing…

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