Are we all just pawns in Martin County's chess game?

Article Posted on December 13, 2017

Dear Friends,

I’ve received numerous email communications about Martin County’s expensive settlement of the Lake Point lawsuit and this multi-year battle to discover the truth about who did what and who said what.

The spin presented by Donna Melzer, Maggie Hurchalla, and others is filled with complicated summaries of lawsuits and contracts. It is filled with claims of innocence on the part of Commissioners Heard and Fielding and former Commissioners Scott and Hurchalla.

But the Lake Point story is simple.  It is the tale of elected officials and a private citizen (Hurchalla) communicating via email through those elected officials’ private email accounts rather than their public ones in an attempt to influence public policy.  According to the grand jury that was convened to investigate, this is a violation of Florida’s public records laws. 

Their recent communications efforts can be called many things: Coverup. Spin.  Diversion.  This is an impressive attempt to rewrite the narrative, where the actors become victims and heroes, instead of the perpetrators. That’s exactly what’s been happening in the recent responses pushed out by Hurchalla and Melzer.  Heard, Fielding, Scott, and Hurchalla, having failed the test of transparency, are trying to shift the blame.

If they are so totally convinced of the merits of their actions, why did they have to hide their communications from the public eye? Are they victims or perpetrators? You be the judge based on actual FACTS...

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